Individual Session

Individual Session

We offer a platform for Counsellors to thrive in their work. Our supervision services are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each Counsellor as they arise. With a robust, theoretical background in understanding trauma, general counselling and relationship counselling, our Supervisors draw out the best in the Counsellors, challenging them to look not only at tool building but their blockages that may impede results.

Rochelle is a highly experienced and compassionate therapist and Supervisor . She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Supervisor with over 15 years of experience in the mental health field.Throughout her career, Rochelle has demonstrated proficiency in working with clients from various backgrounds, including those with complex mental health needs. She boasts extensive knowledge and expertise in evidence-based therapeutic modalities, including Gottman, Internal Family Systems(IFS), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and a trauma-focused approach to Parts Therapy. Along with Polyvagal theory, Attachment theory, and Person-Centered principles.

“Supervisory relationships are a complex blend of professional, education and therapeutic aspects”. (Geldard, & Geldard, 2001, p.377)ard, 2001, p.377)


The benefits of clinical supervision for Counsellors are well-documented, including

  • ZEmotional Support:

The Counselling space can be emotionally demanding, and counsellors may encounter complex client issues that evoke strong emotional responses. Supervision provides a supportive environment where you can process your experiences, manage vicarious trauma, and receive validation and encouragement.

  • ZEthical practice:

 By receiving guidance and feedback from experienced supervisors, you can maintain high standards of care and accountability, ultimately enhancing the quality of services provided to clients.

  • ZAddressing personal barriers that impact their clients growth:

Who we are matters in the counselling room. We welcome all part of you in supervision. Allowing a more holistic view on your practice, suspending all judgment and looking through a lens of curiosity.

  • ZProfessional Growth:

Supervision Sessions provide a dedicated space for you , the counsellor, to reflect on your practice, explore personal strengths and areas for development, and refine your clinical skills. We welcome the imposter part of us all, allowing sessions to be a safe non judgemental space therefore Improved client outcomes.

  • ZProfessional Identity Development:

 Through supervision, you can explore your professional identity, values, and beliefs, gaining clarity on your part as helping professionals. By examining your therapeutic approach, theoretical orientation, and personal biases, counsellors can develop a more authentic and congruent therapeutic style.

  • ZEthical Decision-Making:

A space where you can explore the hard questions and situation. A chance to discuss ethical principles, explore alternative courses of action, and consider the impact on clients, supervisors can help you make informed and ethically sound decisions.


Your welcoming journey towards professional and personal growth begins here. Contact us today. Together we can embark of a career worth having


See What People Are Saying 

Rochelle was amazing. She was insightful, caring and professional. Would highly recommend her.

Mark Inskip Avatar Mark Inskip
January 11, 2024

Perfect match for my teenager ! Rochelle is patient , gentle , just an absolutely real and present beautiful human . Rochelle actually gave strategies and they made sense . Thank you Rochelle , we will never ever forget you 😁😘

Lexi Murden Avatar Lexi Murden
May 25, 2023

Rochelle was able to help me work through a very hard time in my life as well teach me tools to help me in the future with past triggers. She was very gentle through the process and also able to go as slow or fast as I needed to through each learning/healing session. I can totally recommend Rochelle to help you through your difficult time as well!

Jenifer Doig Avatar Jenifer Doig
January 24, 2024

I have been seeing Rochelle for over 2 years. She has held me through so many struggles and we have worked deeply on my trauma with parts work which has helped me transcend so many limiting behaviours. I cannot recommend her enough.

These nutty Kids Z Avatar These nutty Kids Z
May 25, 2023

Rochelle helped me put myself back together after a very difficult separation involving children. Reflections, reframing, learning boundaries and coping strategies were key in developing an arsenal of skills. She is caring and empowering with natural empathy and I left each session feeling clearer and stronger. I highly recommend her service.

Martin Avatar Martin
January 18, 2024