Couple Counselling

Couples therapy can help.

Struggling In Your Relationship and Unsure How to Fix It?

Whether you’ve been to couples counselling before or this is your first time looking for a counsellor, it can feel overwhelming or even anxiety-inducing to navigate finding the right therapist.

We take a Gottman and IFS/Parts approach to counselling when working with couples. This approach supports learning while understanding the impacts of childhood, trauma and our different parts. We are devoted to helping couples build and sustain happy, loving relationships. 

We provide couples with effective and proven relationship enhancement strategies that provide immediate and long-term results. Our approach is based on the latest evidence-based research and is founded on the belief that no relationship is beyond repair. We recognise the enormous value of a committed and loving relationship.

Couples Counselling Wollongong or Online

Struggling In Your Relationship and Unsure How to Fix It?

Our Marriage Counselling Program is designed to help you build a stronger, more loving relationship.

A holistic view of couple’s Therapy

Relationships create some of the most complicated interpersonal dynamics imaginable. When things are going well, life can be wonderful. When things are going badly, life can be terrible. Relationships constantly evolve and change, and there are lots of variables at play. We’ll work with you to build intimacy and develop the tools you need to keep your relationship healthy. This includes communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, shared goals, and love.

Communication is the bedrock of every good relationship. There are two sides to this: learning how to get your point across in a kind and loving way and listening to what the other person is telling you while acknowledging and validating their experience. This takes practice and can always benefit from professional guidance. Our couple’s therapy sessions focus on giving the tools you need to put this into practice, sort through the challenges you’re facing, and find the common ground you need.

It’s important to set healthy boundaries and resolve conflict with win/win solutions that make you both feel good. But couple’s counselling isn’t all serious. We’re also here to help you find fun, ignite passion, and remember what it is about the other person that lights you up inside. Our goal is to help you build a framework that will make the rest of your journey together happy and healthy.



See What People Are Saying 

Rochelle helped me put myself back together after a very difficult separation involving children. Reflections, reframing, learning boundaries and coping strategies were key in developing an arsenal of skills. She is caring and empowering with natural empathy and I left each session feeling clearer and stronger. I highly recommend her service.

Martin Avatar Martin
January 18, 2024

Perfect match for my teenager ! Rochelle is patient , gentle , just an absolutely real and present beautiful human . Rochelle actually gave strategies and they made sense . Thank you Rochelle , we will never ever forget you 😁😘

Lexi Murden Avatar Lexi Murden
May 25, 2023

I have been seeing Rochelle for over 2 years. She has held me through so many struggles and we have worked deeply on my trauma with parts work which has helped me transcend so many limiting behaviours. I cannot recommend her enough.

These nutty Kids Z Avatar These nutty Kids Z
May 25, 2023

Rochelle was amazing. She was insightful, caring and professional. Would highly recommend her.

Mark Inskip Avatar Mark Inskip
January 11, 2024

Rochelle was able to help me work through a very hard time in my life as well teach me tools to help me in the future with past triggers. She was very gentle through the process and also able to go as slow or fast as I needed to through each learning/healing session. I can totally recommend Rochelle to help you through your difficult time as well!

Jenifer Doig Avatar Jenifer Doig
January 24, 2024