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Founded by Rochelle, a highly experienced and compassionate therapist, Replenish Counselling and Training was born out of a passion for supporting individuals and couples through life's challenges.

Our mission is to support you on your journey to a more fulfilling life through evidence-based counselling and training services.

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Supporting you to a more fulfilling life

Founded by Rochelle, a highly experienced and compassionate therapist, Replenish Counselling and Training was born out of a passion for supporting individuals and couples through life’s challenges.

With over 15 years of experience in the mental health field, Rochelle has worked with diverse clients, providing evidence-based therapies that support their unique needs and goals.

At Replenish Counselling and Training, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

We understand that life can be challenging, and we are here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to overcome your struggles and find healing and growth.

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What Clients Say

I would highly recommend Rochelle to anyone. She embodies what a counsellor should be. She is wise, and empathetic, and provides an amazing level of understanding as well as valuable, practical solutions for your situation. I am forever grateful for her insights, which have helped me so much.


Perfect match for my teenager ! Rochelle is patient , gentle , just an absolutely real and present beautiful human . Rochelle actually gave strategies and they made sense . Thank you Rochelle , we will never ever forget you 😁😘


I have been seeing Rochelle for over 2 years. She has held me through so many struggles and we have worked deeply on my trauma with parts work which has helped me transcend so many limiting behaviours. I cannot recommend her enough.

These nutty Kids Z

It was a fantastic experience while working with the replenish Counselling and training. They are experts in what they do. I Will highly recommend their services.


Both myself and my children worked with Replenish Counselling and what a world of a difference it made to my world. Rochelle was absolutely amazing, a god sent actually. We worked together for over a year, getitng through unresolved trauma from a toxic relationship. I was at my rock bottom and did not know which way to go. Rochelle was able to quickly work her magic in getting me to a place in my head where I was safe, I felt confident and an understanding of my self worth. Without her, I have no idea where I would be today. Thank you so much Rochelle for all that you have done for myself and my kids xx

Jess (Weight Less with Jess) Designation

Rochelle is incredibly professional and highly knowledgeable. I have always been made to feel safe, welcome and understood. Rochelle is clearly a very skilled clinician. I am very happy with the sessions thus far.


I really value the expertise of my supervisor and the knowledge in the room. It's a validating space and I learn a lot from hearing how other counsellors practice and approach their work.


Rochelle is a warm, knowledgeable and supportive supervisor. Her experience covers a diversity of clients, and she is helpful in supporting you to get curious about your therapeutic work while also offering insightful suggestions when needed. I have referred a number of other counsellors I know to Rochelle for supervision, and I have professionally and personally benefited from her support over the last six months. I feel confident that with Rochelle's supervision that I am offering quality therapeutic services to my clients.

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What We Do

Couples Counselling

Do you want to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and deepen intimacy in your relationship? Our couples counselling is designed to help you achieve just that. Our evidence-based approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each couple and provides practical strategies for building a robust and lasting relationship. Uniquely working from an IFS and the Gottman prescriptive. This approach has seen many relationships return from the brink of breakdown to a deeper love and respect for each other. The combination of this supports the individual and the couple as we move through the deep wounds to a beautiful flourishing relationship. Right here is Wollongong or online.


Are you a counselling professional seeking to explore your work and develop your skills in a safe and supportive space? Our supervision services provide just that. Our experienced and qualified supervisors offer a collaborative approach to help you develop your skills and achieve your professional goals.

Relationship Recharge Workshop

Saying "relationships are hard" is so common that it's a cliché now. But it's also true. Even when people get along well, stress and daily life can cause conflicts that seem difficult or impossible to resolve. Relationship counseling can help people in these challenging situations to work through their problems.

Individual Counselling

Are you struggling with personal issues, anxiety, trauma, stress or the like, and seeking a safe and supportive environment to explore them? Our evidence-based individual counselling services are tailored to meet your needs and situation. Our approach provides practical strategies for coping and growth to help you overcome your struggles and achieve your goals. We provide a more profound and long-lasting outcome with the use of Internal Family Systems (IFS) as well as traditionally used therapies such as CBT, SFT and Person-Centered therapy.

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